About us

Orgonite East Africa is a non-profit organization, dedicated to working with farmers, fishermen and communities worldwide to reach their full potential by addressing the causes of poverty and rehabilitating draught stricken areas.
We partner with communities, volunteers, sponsors, donors and cooperates to realize our global strategy. Our major focus is Building Brighter Futures for the less fortunate areas within semi-arid and arid areas.

Through our strategy, we envision fishermen, farmers in dry places to live and enjoy life in all its fullness. To this end we work with partners to improve the fishing industries, new farming system , education and improving livelihoods and resilience, education & child protection, health, nutrition and HIV/Aids, humanitarian support , emergency affairs and water, sanitation and hygiene for children and their families.

Vision statement: Our vision for every individual, life in all its fullness; Our prayer and expectation in every areas, regions to have the ability to achieve their demand and expectation.


Orgonite East Africa is a non-profit organization working in partnership with both Christian and non-Christian volunteers, whose mission is to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in working with the poor and oppressed people to promote human transformation, and also by improving waste land, introduction of modern techniques of fishing, protect homes and properties with orgonite distribution, distribution of zappers and to sensitize our people on the impact of environmental conservation in both arid and semi-arid areas within Africa.


We are Christian | We are committed to the poor | We value people | We are stewards | We are partners | We are responsive