Purchase Bilo orgonite, with protective African magic. Comes with a selection of handpainted artworks.

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Additionally, one of the main participants in our effort (Atieno Odondi), has been imprisoned in Kenya (3 years or $3800 in fine), simply for trying to send orgonite in the mail.To help her, we have a sale: 6 Bilo pieces for $199 including shipping.

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Donations to help feed the children while she is imprisoned, would be be very much appreciated too.

Funds raised (donations and Bilo sale)

Orgonite is just polyester resin, metal shavings and quartz. Completely harmless, and made by many all over the world for etheric healing. Anyone who wishes to contribute financially to free her from jail, please send a paypal donation or purchase Bilo orgonite. Thank you!

Orgonite East Africa is a non-profit organization, dedicated to working with farmers, fishermen and communities worldwide to reach their full potential by addressing the causes of poverty and rehabilitating draught stricken areas.

Help our cause by purchasing Bilo orgonite. All Bilo share the same strong qualities against etheric attacks and negativity, and comes with unique handpainted artwork of animals native to Africa.